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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Favourite Harry Potter Books

Hey all hope you are having a great week so far! I recently finished reading the Harry Potter books so I thought I would share with you a ranking of the Harry Potter books from favourite to least favourite. It’s quite difficult to place the order of the books because they are all very good in their own way. So when you read this list I am not necessarily saying the books towards the end are not good books – I just enjoy reading the others a little more.


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Midnight Man – Film Review

Spoilers - This post discusses the film in detail 

Hey guys, hope you are all okay today. The garden has finally got some action going on and currently looks like a bombsight - I can't wait for it to be finished! I am hoping this weather lasts so I can enjoy the new garden. The other day my family and I watched a couple of films including Flatliners and The Midnight Man, so for today's post, I thought I would share with you all my opinions on The Midnight Man. 


Thursday, 5 July 2018

People on social media that annoy me

How are you all doing today? I honestly can't believe are still having amazing weather, I have been having such a lovely time. I don’t think I have ever experienced so much lovely weather in my life! We still haven’t got a garden yet, I’m a little sad because I would love to be out in the garden enjoying the warm weather. 


Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Hufflepuff Inspired Outfits Mood Boards

Hey everyone! Hope you are all okay, it is currently 30°C and it's so boiling! Although the weather has been amazing, I will admit that it’s been difficult because I feel constantly drained. How have you been coping with the weather? Let me know in the comments.

It’s no secret that I LOVE the Harry Potter series, I have just finished re-reading the books and now I am currently listening to the audiobooks. As soon as the Pottermore website was launched I was one of the many people rushing online to find out what Hogwarts house I belonged to. After doing the quiz I discovered that I was in the Hufflepuff house! 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Petite shopping: The issue with retail shopping

Hey everyone, hope you are all okay today! I’ve finally updated my blog template which I bought from Pipdig, I think it looks miles better now if I do say so myself! Let me know what you think of it in the comments. This has been an unusual Monday for our family as my brother has left school now, so we weren’t woken up by the sounds of him getting ready. My younger brother leaving school has made me realise how old I am getting! 


Friday, 1 June 2018

Goodbye May… Hello June

I can’t believe we are already in June, the months seem to always go by so quickly. It’s no big secret that May was one of the most action-packed months I have experienced in ages, and I will always remember it as a good month. For today’s blog, I am going to do a little breakdown of my May as well as share some hopes I have for June! Let me know in the comments what you plan on doing this June!

Tour de Lisbon:  8th-16th 

I have never been on holiday without either my parents or schoolteachers before, the sense of independence was both exciting and scary! I spent days regretting my decision to then being excited by it. I stayed awake all night on the 7th May with the intention to sleep on the flight, because I hate flying, but with the excitement and nerves I stayed awake all night, minus an hour nap in the car. At three in the morning, I was picked up and our adventure to London began. The car blasted music all the way down South. Our stay at the airport wasn’t a long one before we knew (and before I could finish my Burger King) we were on our flight travelling to Lisbon. On the way home I picked up a colouring book and spent half the flight colouring in, which was surprisingly helpful for me as a nervous flyer. 

Praça do Comércio this was one of the first places we had a look at and was a place we visited plenty of times during the stay because it was close to the Eurovision Village. The place was so lively and reminded me of my first time visiting Southbank in London, it was filled with music and performers. We made our way to a café to try out a popular Portuguese pastry called Pastel Da Nata; which was so tasty!  

Belém Tower was a must-visit place because we all have an interest in history so the prospect of looking at historical places was very exciting. Torre de Belém was built around 1514 – 1520 during the reign of Manuel I. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I posted a lot of pictures of the tower because it looked so amazing! The tower was literally breath-taking (93 steps + medical conditions = two very dizzy and breathless tourists.) So much detail had been put into the tower, I was so amazed and when we eventually got to the top of the tower, I was in awe of the gorgeous view.     

I saw the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument online whilst I was googling things to do in Lisbon, I noticed how stunning it looked and wanted to have a look at it. However, I wasn’t fully prepared for how big it actually was! It was incredible to look at. The detail on the side of the monument was spectacular as well as the detail of the sword at the front of it.  

Jerónimos Monastery wasn’t a far walk from Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument, it was a very warm day so I was happy for the shade from the trees! We unfortunately only managed to visit the church because none of us had brought enough money for the whole building. The church was gorgeous, I am not sure why (maybe influenced by my Catholic upbringing) but I just love church buildings! The details inside and out were phenomenal and it was a lovely place to be inside.  After we visited the church, we visited Pastéis de Belém café which had the original Pastel da Nata recipe! This was something I was desperate to do, so I was quite excited to have one, although it did taste a little different it was still very tasty. 

We took a day trip to Sintra, it was very cold and windy (which was unfortunate) we wanted to visit the Castle of the Moors. A medieval castle which had a view of the whole of Sintra, I thoroughly enjoyed having a look around because the views were amazing, we got to look around at places that had previously been tombs, as well as having a good look at artefacts that had been found. The only issue I have with the visit was that it was so windy my hair ended up being tangled and knotted and was really awkward to fix.

Eurovision Semi-Final 1 

On our first day in Lisbon we braved it out and went to the first Semi-Finals, the journey was a hectic one: One tram, a ferry ride and two (crammed) trains later, we arrived at the Altice Arena. The excitement outside was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, people from different countries were dressed in colourful attire whilst others had their shoulders draped with the flag of the country they came to support (For me I was supporting Czech Republic and Ukraine). People everywhere were singing and posing for photos. After we finally made it inside the venue I was overwhelmed with the stage, I was left breathless at how stunning the stage looked. We opted to stand at the back of the venue, where we were free from crowds of people and we could see the performers a lot better. Being so short it was impossible to see and it appeared every tall person in Europe turned up!  The first Semi-Final was a painful one because all of the acts were very talented and only ten of them could go to the final! We stood holding each other waiting for our favourite acts to be announced, fortunately for us, all the acts we loved got through! (Apart from Belarus – which I am still sad about.)   

Eurovision Semi-Final 2 

After the stressful adventure to the venue we decided to take an Uber, so we weren’t as stressed as before thank goodness! However, it appeared a few people had worked out the secret to waiting at the back of the venue as it was a lot more crowded than the first semi-final. To my utter horror and annoyance we ended up being stuck near a drunk man who was very space invading who not only walked into me several times during the performance but also slapped me in the face a couple of times with his flag (urgh!) After I managed to escape him, I was able to enjoy the show a lot more. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed Slovenia’s song live, hearing the studio version it was always annoying and I was not looking forward to hearing it live. Again the three of us was filled with excitement and nausea with the voting, again all of our favourites made it, I was so sad that Georgia and Montenegro didn’t make it because their performances were stunning.     

First Geocache

My best friend Sarah from Raiin Monkey has been geocaching for ages now, and she has always told me I should do it too. It wasn’t until we did a few hunts for them in Lisbon that I decided I wanted to do it as well! I couldn’t do it in Lisbon because I had no data left, so I waited to get back home before I started. I found my first Geocache in Blackburn on the same day I went to see Deadpool 2, it was easy to find not so easy to put back inside the little magnetic nano cache!  

Little Pink Duck turned one! 

I didn’t make a big deal of my blog turning one, because unfortunately the day my first post went up, was the day of the Manchester Arena attack. So I felt it wasn’t appropriate to post anything about it when there were people on my timeline mourning the loss of loved ones as well as people who were reliving the memories of the day.  

June Wishes… 

For June I am hoping for it to be another brilliant one. 

- We are getting a new garden this month so I am hoping we have the weather to truly enjoy it.
- I am hoping that this month will be the month I finally get my blog properly sorted out, including the template and the new blog direction. 
- That I can muster the strength to leave the house a lot more than I have done in the past months (minus May) but not be too hard on myself if I don’t manage it. 
- To finally get an idea of how I want my bedroom to look like and actually get started on it!  

So that was my May! It was such a fun-filled (and exhausting) month and I am sure I'll remember it for years to come. I am so grateful that my friends introduced me to Eurovision because the holiday wouldn't have been possible without them making me fall in love with it. 

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Eight days with a New Look Bum Bag

Hope everyone is well today. It doesn’t feel that long ago I was getting ready to set off to go Lisbon to watch the Eurovision song contest. Now I am back in England and currently battling through all my washing. Although the trip was amazing and I’d do it all over again if I could, I have been pretty much drained since my return. One of the major downsides to living with Chronic Illness is having to cope with the long recovery time.  

Throughout April I was constantly paranoid I would forget to pack something in my suitcase. I was nearly finished with my bag when my cousin, put a thought in my head that wouldn’t stop niggling. Whilst he was away for a month, he and a few other people in the hostel he stayed at were mugged. He specifically mentioned that a young woman suffered particularly nasty cuts and bruises when a mugger had grabbed hold of her bag handle and dragged her along the floor. As this is the first time I have braved travelling without my parents or schoolteachers, this didn’t settle well with me at all! After this conversation, I started to look into buying a bum bag (a bag that you wrap closely around your waist or shoulder.) 

Once I decided I needed a bum bag I planned to buy one that wouldn’t draw attention. It was also important to find a bag that was actually useful. It didn’t take long to find the perfect bag, that fit the description and for only £9.99 Tan double Pocket Bum Bagfrom New Look it was an absolute bargain! The bag has a leather looking finish and comes in three different colours: Tan, white and black.

Today I am going to talk about my opinions on the bum bag and whether or not I recommend using a bum bag on holiday. When I found the bag in New Look it was quickly evident that the bag was rather spacious: with a huge compartment, a smaller pocket that's on the inside of the larger compartment and a smaller one at the front. It felt weird leaving my usual bag behind, as I have always kept it close to me wherever I go.  

On the first day of using the bum bag at the airport, I was already praising it. I found it fitted in everything I needed for the airport. I was able to put all of the essentials inside the bag including passport, purse, phone and a small bag with euro money. Making the airport journey run smoothly as everything was within reach. 

The bag was easy to adjust around my waist which is ideal for someone with a small waist like me, as it clung quite close to my body so I was able to keep my eye on it. Before I left for Lisbon I made sure that the bag was adjusted to suit me. 

Throughout the entire eight days, I never felt that the bag was going to come loose during the day, and I just loved how I could clip the bag onto me in the morning and wouldn’t have to be too concerned about it. Normally with my handbag, I would have it between my legs and have to make sure no one has dragged the bag from under my legs whilst I was sat down. However, as it was constantly clipped around my waist I was able to eat in restaurants comfortably knowing it was close by. 

The small zip pocket inside the bag I was able to keep my keys for my suitcase. The front and much smaller compartment on the bag came in handy to put my reusable transport card, as well as tickets for tourist places. This easy access meant I was able to keep all my important stuff together and I didn’t need to faff around too much with my bag when I needed them. 

The bag didn’t come without its faults, as the days continued it became annoying to use at some points during the trip (on the days I were particularly drained and impatient.) If I decided to have sunglasses in the bag it would become cramped and awkward to take things out. I couldn’t quickly take things out and put them back into the bag, as it would need a bit of manoeuvring to fit everything in which required a lot of patience. For example, if I were to take my phone out to take pictures or my purse to pay for things, I would need to stop what I was doing to wrestle with my bag. This meant that my two friends would have to wait around for me, and it did become exasperating on the days I was sightseeing. Another issue I had with the bag is that sometimes if I needed to go to the toilet the clip behind would sometimes be awkward to take off.

Despite the minor awkwardness, I found the bum bag to be a useful addition to the holiday. I was able to keep everything together and close to me at all times, meaning I could travel around confidently. I believe that people would be able to benefit from using the bum bag whilst on holiday. The New Look bum bag was a useful accessory for my city break as it was: reliable, secure and spacious. Have you ever used a bum bag whilst on holiday? Would you recommend using them?
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